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I am Chun Mun

Programming Tutor,Freelancer, Fullstack Developer, Software Developer

Name: Loh Chun Mun

Profile: Fullstack Developer & Tutor

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (65) 8133 1670


HTML5 70%
CSS3 60%
JavaScript 80%
Python 50%
.NET C# 65%
Java 55%
Ruby on Rails 10%
PHP 30%
About Me

Hello, I’m a freelance frontend and backend web, as well as an Android developer from Singapore.

Graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic with a Diploma in Business Informatics with Merit, along with two awards: Microsoft Gold Medal & Microsoft Award for Outstanding Project Work.

I specialize in frontend development with HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript, backend development with .NET C#, NodeJS or PHP, and software development with Java.

I'm also adept at how businesses work, the processes that are happening behind what's visible to customers, and had prior entrepreneurial experiences.

As such, I'm able to transform your concepts into working solutions.

Whether you're a student looking for a programming tutor, a freelance/professional, or an organization looking to build a website/application, please do consider hiring my services.

Other skills include: Geospatial (ArcGIS API) & Database (MySQL/MSSQL/Oracle/MongoDB).

Not sure of what to expect? Take a look at some of my works.


I mainly provide web development & tutoring services.

Web Development

Be it a simple one-page website, or a fully-scaled web application, I will make use of the suitable frameworks and libraries to bring your ideas into fruition.

Programming Tutor

As the world progresses, technology is becoming more relevant in everyday lives. I can offer you guidance on basic programming concepts, languages and frameworks that I am familiar with.

Web Design

Ranging from cartoony to sleek designs, I will work closely with you, gather the needs and requirements so as to come up with a design that will suit its purpose.

Responsive Design

With the increased use of mobile devices, it is important to have a responsive website that looks comfortable and natural when browsed from devices of any size.

Server Deployment

No clue on how to deploy your website online? Looking for a server administrator to help you manage your database & web servers? I will help you with that.










Feel free to take a peek at some of my works.